Megan Reynolds of Brooklyn Magazine took in a few spots in the neighborhood. She gives us a brief rundown.

Can’t seem to put my finger on it, but I’m not feeling her description of Farrell’s.

You could very easily end the night at the Double Windsor, but keep it together just long enough to visit Farrell’s, conveniently located across the street. This move is probably going to be where you lose your beer snob friend, and the people that you’re with that don’t like the actual smell of a bar, but those brave soldiers that have stuck it out with you to the bitter end will be rewarded with the coldest beer you’ll find, served in styrofoam cups. It’s a dive bar in the truest sense, but really, nothing ends the night better than an ice-cold Bud. Take it to go, if you dare, or just finish it standing in the cooling night as you look for a cab.

Girls at Farrell's

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12 Responses to OH, THE PLACES YOU’LL GO

  1. JudyB says:

    ‘dive bar” WTF …. Check out Farrell’s history pilgrim.. It’s the REAL thing.. not a retro, trying to get the ambiance of once was, beer boutique… Double Windsor, is lucky to be conveniently located across the street from a Brooklyn Landmark that sells icy cold beer…

  2. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    Another Columbuser….

  3. Al Powers says:

    I felt the same way about this backhanded compliment….So I wrote this

    Dive bar…..Really. I believe the writer has never been in a true dive bar in their life. Just because Farrell’s does not have 20+ taps of the latest fruit, vegan, GMO & gluten free beers does not make it a dive bar. I no longer live in the neighborhood. I left in the early 70’s but I do have family living there still (my Mom & my two Brothers and their families) and I do attend the Neighborhood Reunions and the annual Irish Day Parade. Its a shame that the writer does not know the history of this place and the rest of the neighborhood.
    When I was growing up on 16th Street it was a working class neighborhood. Homes were affordable. It was populated by Cops, Fireman, Steelworkers, Longshoreman, Retailers, Office Workers, and Homemakers. Most of the Dads in the neighborhood would stop in to Farrell’s after they got off from work and have a beer or two before going home to the wife and kids. I would be amiss if I did not say that some of the Dads had more than two, but thats another issue.
    Farrell’s was, and still is to those locals who still live in the area, a center of the neighborhood. A place to hear the local gossip, news and have heated sports arguments. Whenever I go back home I always spend a night there, not just because my Brother John is one of the guys behind the sticks, but because I’ll always run into someone from my past.
    To this day the owners of Farrell’s have always help and organized fund raisers for people in the neighborhood who are in need. Also the owners were the main organizers of the Neighborhood Reunion. It is truly more than just a dive bar, it is a Windsor-Terrace institution.

    • hoopscoach says:


      That is awesome!

      • Al Powers says:

        Thanks….I just had to get that off my chest after reading that article….Don’t get me wrong….I like the Double Windsor and I’m a big craft beer & ale lover but don’t call Farrell’s a dive bar…..I have been in many a dive in my life and Farrell’s is far from a dive bar.

  4. Pat Fenton says:

    For one thing, Farrell’s Bar is not a “dive bar in the truest sense,” or in any other sense. What it is in “the truest sense” is a wonderful saloon in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn that has survived in the same spot since the 1930’s.

    Farrell’s Bar comes out of an era when Brooklyn had saloons, great old fashioned drinking establishments where neighborhood people met to share their small victories with life, to pass on information of factory jobs, and to simply celebrate life with each other in their little time off. My father, Andy Fenton out of Galway, Ireland, was one of them. Pete Hamill’s father out of Belfast, Ireland was another.

    “Dive bars” are a term that some yuppie writers coined, writers who had never been in a real saloon in their lives.

    • hoopscoach says:

      Atta boy Pat…

    • Al Powers says:

      Well said Pat. The new W-T & PS people who have moved into the old neighborhood have no connection to the past and they don’t get it. Oddly I am a lover of craft beer & ale but somethings should remain the same.

      • hoopscoach says:

        I like the younger generation in the neighborhood – they bring a lot to Windsor Terrace.

        The new places on the avenue are awesome.

        Double Windsor is a good place.

  5. jimmyvac says:

    What kind of research did this so called writer do? Farrell’s has been the leader in the community more than any other person or entity. She just does not know what
    true class and character is …….

    • hoopscoach says:

      I notice not many of these new journalists are doing much research.

      Farrell’s is a landmark. It has a rich and deep history.

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