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6 Responses to SOME GIRLS

  1. bob terry says:

    During my eight years @ the school, I never saw a girl. They were @ the other side of the school; they entered & left @ a different door. They had their own school yard. I saw them @ First Holy Communion, Confirmation & Graduation; that was it. I’m dating myself, but the only two I remember were Patti McLaughlin & Marilyn O’Toole. What ever became of them? I went onto an all boys high school & college (Cathedral is still all boys. St. Francis went co-ed; more women there now than guys). How did I ever manage to get married? I did & I met my wife in San Francisco. We now live in Los Angeles with my 12 year old son Nicholas. Yes, I said 12; some of us wait & do this on the back end of life. Everyone asks my son, is that your grandfather?

    • hoopscoach says:

      Bob thanks for the story – good stuff.

      Don’t worry so much about age; it’s just a number.


      • bob terry says:

        Trust me, I don’t. I do marathons & 6 months ago, I climbed the tallest building in Los Angeles (75 stories).

  2. Walt Skuza says:

    Hey Bob!
    Were you Holy Name Class of 65?
    I have been telling that same story about the girls & boys at Holy Name.
    Remember the Graduation Dance. Boys on one side and girls on the other with a
    whole lotta empty space in between.

    • bob terry says:

      I graduated from Holy Name in 1964; went onto Cathedral; then St Francis College & moved out of Holy Name Parish in 1972. I lived @ 336- 16th (between 7th & 8th).

  3. bob terry says:

    My brother James graduated in 1965. He’s a retired cop & lives in Connecticut.

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