10:30 AM


After the game there will be a picnic held at Holy Name Schoolyard.

The game is being held to raise money for computers for Holy Name!

For more information call Farrell’s and ask for Hooley.


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12 Responses to BATTER UP!

  1. George Farrell says:

    The Spaldeen I remember was a different color. Old one was a much softer pink and the logo was a little different. Two expressions I recall hearing all the time during a stickball game were “no fair fluking” (no English on the pitch) and “hindu” (automatic do-over).

  2. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    At least nobody can “roof it” in the park…..and, yes, the old “spaldeen” was much lighter….this looks more like the “Pinky”

    • hoopscoach says:

      “Roof it” now that’s a classic Maureen…

      I miss playing stickball. Over in Prospect Park we played right at the front of the park, it used to be a parking lot. We had a ball.

      Of course, stickball was played in the schoolyards at Holy Name and on the streets. I thought 10th avenue was the best spot to play a game.

      We also played on Fuller Place.

      I hear they had some monster games on 12th street – Joey Corrar (RIP) was a legend.

  3. George Farrell says:

    10th Avenue was the best for stickball. Very wide and no cars back in the day. Best spots were between Windsor and Sherman where you could really hit some taters. We all called “chips” in case someone roofed one. Spaldeens cost around a quarter as I recall. Guys would come out of Connie’s Corner to watch and cheer if you hit a good one or boo you unmercifully if you whiffed!

    • hoopscoach says:


      I lived over Bob’s Hardware on ninth avenue. When guys would play pitching in, in the girls schoolyard, you had power hitters like Kenny Lawson who would hit moon shots over the roof’s on the avenue. I would climb up the firescape and retrieve all the spaldeens hit up there.

      • George Farrell says:

        Hey Coach…you must have been a very popular guy back in the day. Those Spaldeens were not cheap! When I was at HNS the girls schoolyard was strictly off limits to guys. I can honestly say that in all of my eight years at HNS I never saw a girl in the school building. You would see them in church if the entire school was attending Mass but woe unto you if you tried to make contact or talk to them. The layout as I recall was the Church on Prospect and 9th with the boy’s schoolyard behind the church and the girl’s schoolyard was beyond the covered walkway. The rectory was on 9th closer to Windsor and the convent was somewhere near the back of the girl’s schoolyard. Do I have the layout right?i

      • hoopscoach says:


        I was real lucky. When somene hit the ball over the roof I would often hear, “Red, go get the ball!”

        Also, HNS went co-ed when I entered the sixth grade. I would say around 1976ish…


  4. TonyF16 says:

    What was the name of the white balls with all the dimples?

  5. George Farrell says:

    Funny how one memory leads into another. Speaking about stickball, HNS schoolyards, Coach climbing fire escapes, etc. We had a boatload of kids all around the same age on Windsor Place in the early to mid-1950’s and played every street game imaginable. The boys tended to hang out closer to 10th Ave playing stickball, punchball, off the point, etc while the girls hung out closer to 11th Ave playing skelly, jump rope, hopscotch and whatnot. More by tradition than design as I recall. The only girl who chose to play the “boys” games was the best athlete on the block! Her name was Maureen “Mickey” Duffy and she could flat-out beat the guys at any sport. Stickball, punchball, roller skating races, foot races, tree climbing…whatever it was she was always the best! She was the only girl who wore dungarees like the boys and she could fight like a wildcat. And she was beautiful. I had a tremendous crush on her back then but never told her for fear she would punch my lights out. Ran into her sister many years later who told me Maureen was married with children living down in Virginia or Maryland somewhere. Sweet memories…!

  6. Don Cush says:

    I still use the term Hindu today when playing any sport where the ball takes a funny bounce or hits sa tree branch. Everyone lokks at me like I am strange

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