It’s Tuesday night, July 29.

I am sitting alone and thinking back to the days of the summer league in the boys schoolyard.

The time is 6:45 and right about now the first game would be getting underway.

When I see this image I go back into time.



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5 Responses to SUMMER LEAGUE

  1. bob terry says:

    Looks the same to me, except for the fence (was chain linked) & the entrance on the Prospect Avenue side of Howard Place.

  2. J Stan says:

    And a girl just pitched on a boys little league team. (Look it up online.) Now the team is moving on to the next round. I like girls. I have two of my own. But I disagree that they should play on a little league boys team. They are free to have their own teams. If they want to create a mixed league that is fine too but it should not be allowed on a league that started just for boys.

    Just thoughts that came to my mind with your story. I love the picture.


    • hoopscoach says:


      I can see your point but…

      If the girls do not have a team in the town, let her try out for the team. If she is good enough, why not?


    • bob terry says:

      Are the boys complaining? I am a member of The Ebell Club in Los Angeles. It’s the oldest private club in Los Angeles, over 100 years old. It’s a women’s club; 400 women & me. I’m not complaining.

  3. jimmy vac says:

    As long as the tryouts are fair, what is the difference.

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