July 25. Two guys hanging out on the corner of Windsor Place and Ninth Avenue. It’s a little after eight in the morning. 

Brooklyn Gang on Beach

Rob: Who ya like tonight?

Billy: Yankees.

Rob: You think they can beat Toronto?

Billy: Yeah man, the Bombers are on a roll.

Rob: Wait a minute, they just beat Texas three out of four but the Rangers suck.

Rob opens up his daily news and checks the line for tonight’s games.

Billy: Yeah, yeah, I know but a win is win. They are making moves too so watch out for them.

Rob: I need a winner real bad tonight Billy. I’m in the hole for two-hundred dollars. I can’t pick a winner for my life.

Billy: You still gambling? When you gonna give that shit up? I gave you the Yankees the past two nights. Didn’t you listen?

Rob: Yo fuck you Billy. I tried to get it in but I got stuck over in the city.

Billy: See there you go again. Why’s everything gotta be fuck you Billy?

Rob: Yeah well why do you always gotta break my balls about bettin’? It’s my life man.

Billy: Because  I care about you man.  You’re losing your mind with some of these bets. You bet every night. Shit you bet on teams you know nothing about!

Rob: Look bro, I enjoy it, alright.

Billy: Yeah but Rob, your family is suffering. My wife was talkin’ to your wife and you guys are two months behind with the rent.


Billy: Take it easy man, they’re good friends. They’ve been friends since their Holy Name days.

Rob: Yeah I know Billy, I know how close they are. They’re on the fuckin’ phone every night with each other too. They live three blocks apart. My telephone bill is sky high.

Billy: You are out of work. Your son starts Bishop Ford in September and your younger daughter is starting Holy Name.

Rob: Yeah I know. The Hall is packed too. There’s nothing going up. I’m thinking of going with some guys out to Michigan. They are putting up three buildings over thirty stories high.

Billy: Man you ain’t leaving Brooklyn. I’ll tell you what, back to school shit is going to cost you a fortune. Supplies, clothes, fuck that shit gets expensive.

Rob: Yeah I know, you sound like my mother now.

Billy: Well let me ask you; do you listen to your mother?

Rob looks away, takes a sip from his coffee cup and stares out onto the avenue.

Billy: Here’s some more advice Rob, start listening to your mom.  I don’t care if you listen to me but think about your family bro. They need you and depend on you.

Rob looks at Billy. He’s not happy.

Rob: You know what, fuck you Billy.

Rob rolls up his newspaper, stuffs it in his back pocket and walks across the avenue towards Farrell’s.




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6 Responses to WHO YA LIKE?

  1. Maureeen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    Nice post…interesting that Billy wants Rob to stop gambling, yet he “gave” him the Yankees the past two nights…just so typical of real life, where things are seldom black and white…for a really good movie about gambling, try “Owning Mahowny” starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, based on a real person…one scene I found really funny, he is getting on a plane and on the phone with his bookie and he says something like..”give me the 2 horse in every race at a particular track” and the bookie gets insulted..cause he feels he is not giving the art of gambling proper respect..damn, now I have to watch that again…

    • hoopscoach says:


      Thanks for the tip, I want to see that film.

      As for Billy and his tips, he is a sports-nut; knows everything about baseball, football and basketball. Don’t ask him about soccer though.

      Hope all is well.


  2. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    I just noticed the pic..that is my former husband (RIP) in the photo with the shades on….

  3. connie nugent says:

    That is one of many photos taken by professional photographer Bruce Davidson in 1959 for his photographic essay/book “Brooklyn Gangs”

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