ESPN took some time to research a topic that is dear to my heart.

I’ve spoken about it here on the blog in the past and have discussed it with my coaching peers.

Outdoor basketball; do kids play outside anymore?

I know little kids run around the playgrounds with the jungle gym and all. On my visit visit to Brooklyn I walked past the 11th street playground and the place was packed.  I am talking about outdoor basketball on the pavement.

In Your Face Book Cover

In our neighborhood the boys schoolyard at Holy Name was our spot.

The place was filled every day after school and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Non-stop ball, 24-7.

We also played down 154 schoolyard and East 5th street. Hop on your bike and you can head to Tillary Park, Kingston, and Manhattan Beach.

Here’s the article from where they look at a few cities around the country.

How about it?

What’s the reason why kids do not play in the yard anymore?


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8 Responses to MY PAVED PARADISE

  1. J Stan says:

    They are too busy on social media an video games.


  2. Jim Casey says:

    The ones who still play more often play inside
    AAU helped move it indoors.
    Too much organization.

  3. jimmy vac says:

    Here in Staten Island, you see some outdoor leagues. As far as pickup games, the projects always have runs…

  4. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    I have seen people playing basketball in the yard doesn’t look like anything organized..not every day, but certainly a lot more recently than in past years….

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