Did you hear about the clown spotted in Green-Wood Cemetery?

No, serious, this is not a joke (no pun intended)

Check it out. SMH…

Cemetery clown

Here’s a video clip.



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  1. J Stan says:

    There are some really sick people out there, with absolutely nothing to do.


  2. richie k says:

    Ronald Mcdonald lolllll

  3. Diane C. says:

    How creepy ! Looks like Pennywise The clown Only Park Slope do you see these whacky things going on. Gentrification at its best

  4. Maureeen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    I say the one who took the video is part of this..strange no workers, or visitors have seen this..only the “performance artist” that posted, and a guy who won’t use his last name..

  5. Don Cush says:

    Growing up on 19thstreet, my friends and I spent a lot of time in Greenwood (It was a good place to drink and not get caught by parents). There were a lot of legends and stories. One was the lady in white. There is a very life like statue of a bride just inside the Prospect Park West entrance. The legend was that the woman buried there was murdered by her husband on her wedding night (June 1st) and he is buried in another location of the cemetary. Every June 1st her ghost supposedly wanders the cemetary looking for his grave. Many legitmate people claim to have seen this ghost. Was probably some lunatic dressing up in white every June 1st to scare people.

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