Old Key Food:Bohack

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  1. bob terry says:

    My parents shopped there every Thursday night. I guess my dad got paid on Thursdays; he was an iron worker (I did it for a year, no thanks). They came home with 20 to 30 bags as we had 12 children in the family. I’d take a break from my homework & help them unload & put away. It was a Thursday night ritual @ my house on 16th Street. Helping them gave me a preview of the cookies they purchased; I had to make my move quickly as I had lots of competition for those cookies. Hell, with 11 boys, I had competition for my own socks in the morning. That’s why I starting buying and wearing red socks (it became one of my trademarks). I worked @ A&P on Prospect. That was after my one day stint @ Key Food. The Saturday morning I started, they loaded up the bike basket with groceries for delivery. I got on the seat, kicked the brake & the bike tipped over. I guess the groceries weighed more than me. The manager came running out and yelled, I thought you could ride the bike; get in here & stack shelves. Who knew & so much for my career @ Key Food.

  2. Jim Casey says:

    Walked by it each time I went to the yard up Prospect Ave. Shortly after it was the home of Brooklyn Dodger PA announcer, Tex Rikard(sp)

  3. Jim Casey says:

    He is most likely deceased.

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