An interesting take on Brooklyn over the years. Nice mention of the neighborhood.

In Windsor Terrace, Sunday-afternoon drinkers holding plastic foam cups of Budweiser spill onto the sidewalk outside Farrell’s, where Pete Hamill’s father spent many a twilight, while yammering 20-somethings pick from an impressive and rotating selection of craft beers at the Double Windsor across the avenue. I’ve happily stood at each bar when it was three-drinkers deep.


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3 Responses to YESTERDAY…

  1. Kenny Whelan says:

    Good article. I have stayed in a couple of hotels in the neighborhood when I get back there. It is always an interesting experience to hang out with “out of towners”. Almost all of them are below 5th avenue. Also, i really enjoy just walking around checking out the change in the area.

  2. George Farrell says:

    Back in the day, I would not have considered St. Johns Place part of Park Slope. My recollection of the loosey-goosey boundaries of the Slope were Grand Army Plaza to Bartel Pritchard Square from 9th Avenue to Fifth Avenue. When asked, people invariably used their local church/parish to indicate where they lived. If a guy said he lived in Saint Saviours Parish, you knew he was from the Slope somewhere near Manual or Methodist Hospital. My father grew up in Red Hook but always said he was from Visitation Parish. Same for folks from St. Jeromes, OLPH, IMH, Holy Family, etc. i wonder if that still applies today.

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