Many readers of the blog attended Holy Name of Jesus. (For the ones who did not, you can play too).

I want to know the most inspiring teacher that you ever had?

I will start.

5th grade – Mr. Mussa.

This guy was the best teacher I ever had.

He loved sports and Mussa always had an encouraging word for you. Always willing to lift you up when you were feeling down.

Your turn…


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14 Responses to OH CAPTAIN! MY CAPTAIN!

  1. Mark West says:

    Brother Vincent.

  2. Mark Sabbagh says:

    Hey Red,
    Yes Joe Willie was my Favorite too and Miss Monzillo with a hidden mirror in a text book to make sure her makeup was perfect.


  3. George Farrell says:

    When did the Xaverian Brothers leave Holy Name? They were still there in 1955. We hed no male lay teachers when I went through.

  4. Jim Casey says:

    Sr Ann Pierre in 1st and Sr Virginia Maria in 2 nd were the best
    Bro. Duane was pretty good
    Also our hoops coach
    Teammate of Paul Hornung at Flaget hs in Louisville– and had the photo to prove it

  5. GTrapp says:

    Sister Stella Marian 1st grade
    And Mrs Lynch 3 rd grade

  6. Mary Anne (Brick) Monaco says:

    Sister Leonella 1st grade and Sister Jeremy 7th grade (the first nun at Holy Name to wear the short dress habit)

  7. Curly says:


    My grade school days from St. Brendan’s(Bronx) to Our Lady of Lourdes(Long Island) can only remember 3 teachers:
    -Miss Crissafulli in 4th grade, she caught all the boys attention because she was pretty and we sometimes would see her slip with apples on it……Ha!
    -Sister Wilfred in 6th grade because she was heavy, ruled with an iron ruler, and before anyone even knew/understood what Turret’s Syndrome was, she would ask the kid in our class-Alfie, because he was twitching & cursing relentlessly in class-“Alfie, did you take your pills today?”…The tone in her voice was pissed off because he was interrupting her class….None of us knew what Alfie had, just that he was always twitching & cursing…..But a great kid who could play Baseball, Hoop, Stickball, etc…
    -Sister Gerald in 7th grade, she too was heavy, would always be readjusting her habit, and in NYState History class, her favorite saying was in her soft, yet rough voice, “About the Iroquois” and then continue about all of the NY State Indians…

    However, it wasn’t until Aug of Jr in HS that someone figured me out, and of course it was a Coach, and not a Teacher, although we know Coaches are Teachers….This Coach-Pat KIrwan(CBSsports.com)-challenged/recognized some ability and encouraged commitment….. That’s all it really took to influence someone, pretty much forever…….

    I know this isn’t Brooklyn specific, but gotta be relatable in all neighborhoods we all grew up in…


  8. John Langton says:

    Favorite teacher hands down was Mr. Jennings. A real sweet man who besides being a great teacher (and not scaring the bejeebers out of me like most of the other teachers) introduced me to some great rock music, as well as starting the after school bowling league!

  9. Ellen Garland says:

    Sister Alta Maria, 6th Grade – our classroom was in the rectory basement. Sister was the best!!! It was a year of limitless potential!

  10. Emmett Hoops says:

    Jennings, by a long shot. I had Mr. Castaldo for “Reading” that year, and seldom have I known a more sadistic man than he. Getting back to Jennings’ classroom was like escaping from East Berlin.

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