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Today is Father’s Day.

I had so many people wish me a happy father’s day and I did the same. Reaching out to many friends who are fathers, it’s a special day for sure.

The stories these men have told about their dads are heart-warming. When I look back, the only stories I can honestly tell you are sad ones.

My father left when I was five.

He left my mother to raise three kids.

The year was 1969. It was a great year if you were a sports fan in New York City. The Mets, Jets and Knicks all were able to capture championships in their respective sports.

Despite being absent from of our apartment, my father, whom everyone called ‘Gooch’ would come around on Saturday mornings and take me with him to Timboo’s down on fifth avenue.

But it was all bullshit.

I think he was making my mother happy; getting me out of the house. Out of her hair, if you know what I mean?

He gave me money from time-to-time.  A five-spot here, sometimes he’d throw a twenty my way. I was happy, but soon as the money ran out, I was miserable.  Gooch gave me a little bit of his time but the most important thing I needed was love.

The Gooch didn’t know how to love anyone. All he wanted to do was chase women, drink and gamble.

But that’s alright. I won’t write anymore, you can paint your own picture.

The one thing the experience did teach me was to be the best dad I can be to my daughter.

I learned how to be a great father to my daughter Taylor.

Gooch showed me what NOT TO DO.

A parent can’t let their children down; especially a dad/boy.

Someone once said, “For a boy to become a man, he first must see a man.

As a kid, I never saw a man.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

The German poet Wilhelm Busch once said, “To become a father is not hard. To be a father is, however.”

Think about that.