My childhood friend, Dave Cullen needs help.

The youngest Cullen, formerly of 175 Windsor Place lost everything in an apartment fire.

Dave can be found on Facebook.

Firefighters with ladders rescued six residents from balconies at 2-alarm apartment fire in Federal Way.

Fire alarms went off just before 1 a.m. Friday, and when firefighters arrived flames were coming from a third-floor apartment and through the roof of the Crestview West Apartments.

Residents tell KOMO the evacuation was chaotic and six people on the upper floor were forced onto their balconies by smoke and flames.

No one was injured, except for one person with asthma.

Investigators looking for the cause of the fire are focusing on the kitchen of a third-floor apartment.

The Red Cross says it’s helping 91 residents who have been displaced from 27 damaged apartment units.

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From Jeanne Cummins:

I have David’s PO Box address. He lost everything and is receiving food from the Red Cross. He said he is most in need of cash. Also said Wal Mart Cards. I would suggest if someone wants to send a gift card it be a Visa or Master Card so he can get what he needs from whatever store he wants. I feel like a store gift card would not be as helpful. Thanks so much. He was stuck on the 6th floor and rescued by the Fire Department.

An updated message from Dave:

Thanx to all.. It’s been rough but bearable. Good News: NO DEATHS in fire. No word on Max and Mary… South King County Fire Department, who saved my ass and my life, and Red Cross both have been unbelievably helpful and the Federal Way Police Department helped keep things calm…

Here is Dave’s information:

David Cullen, PO Box 95623, Seattle WA. 98145.