DSCN0434Bishop Ford High School has announced they are closing it’s doors in June.

One of the first mistakes I made in life was not attending Ford after spending eight years at Holy Name.

But I did get the chance to coach basketball for the Falcons in my early 20’s. I started as an assistant under Danny Piselli and was able to coach the Freshmen team.

Through the sport of basketball I was able to meet so many good people from Ford.

Three years ago I blogged about my all-time favorite Falcon basketball players.


The one thing I worry about is the faculty at Ford. I wish them all the luck in the world.

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14 Responses to END OF THE ROAD…

  1. Markwestside says:

    Very Sad.

  2. jimmyvac says:

    Like you, I wish I had gone there. Spent a lot of time playing ball there. My older cousin went there and I wore his Ford T-shirt until I outgrew it.. another piece of our childhood gone.

  3. Marialissa Maiman says:

    So sad I worked there for the LaBoure program 2000- 2004 and coached the girls cheerleaders. Great school all around what a shame.

    • hoopscoach says:

      Marialissa, thanks for checking in, hope all is well.

      • Marialissa Maiman says:

        Really sad over the news. I was just there for my sons BCBA game. I was bragging to all his teammates what a great athletics dept. as well as the school overall. The neighborhood is losing an institution. Hope all is well with you too!

      • hoopscoach says:


        I was able to coach basketball there. I lived just four short blocks. Met a ton of great people from Ford over the years.

  4. Tom says:

    This one is tough to take. Changing demographics are rolling up the paths to the past.
    What are they going to do with the location? Open a trolley barn.

  5. jimmyvac says:

    That’s what they did with Cathedral now Cathedral condominiums… The difference is we knew our school was in trouble. We saw the declining enrollment. What a change from a great party Saturday to a kick in the teeth with this news…

  6. Andrew Purdy says:

    Very Sad…spent a good portion of my life in that school and gym with some great people. Why do I get the feeling this wouldn’t be happening had Forte still been with us?

  7. Kenny Whelan says:

    Steve, it is sad. My brother Steve and I both graduated from Ford. (he spent two years at Brooklyn Prep before he was asked not to return)
    I am truly baffled by why they can only attract 422 students to a school that holds 1600. Is it the price ? People probably pay more for private pre-k than what they charge at Bishop Ford. Is it changing demographics ? Where do the people to the neighborhood send their kids to high school these days?


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