Front of Farrell's (Pat Feenton)No, no, no,  I’m not telling you to go out and break someone’s leg because they said something about you behind your back or maybe they owe you money.  There’s a universal phrase “Break a leg” in theatre used to wish a performer “good luck.”

Journalist, playwright, good friend and writing mentor Pat Fenton will be at Farrell’s this coming Sunday along with actors Jack O’Connell and Honor Molloy. The trio will take us back to Pat’s old Windsor Terrace neighborhood performing a dramatic reading of three scenes from his play “STOOPDREAMER.”

Pat intimates the dreams, trials and travails of just ordinary people trying to find the American dream in post WWII.

Irish-American stories about a lost part of Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, that existed around 17th Street and 9th Avenue before Robert Moses drove the Prospect Expressway through the very heart of it in 1953, and divided it forever.

215 Prospect Park West
Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. 11215

Sunday, April 13th. 2 P.M. to 2:45.

Admission is free.

If you can’t make it, don’t worry, like Pat told me, “just pour a pint and pretend you are back in Farrell’s for the reading.”

Yo Pat, Break a Leg brother!

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6 Responses to BREAK A LEG

  1. Pat Fenton says:

    Thanks so much for your good wishes, Steve. And we will “break a leg”. I have a wonderful team of actors with me, Jack O’Connell and Honor Molloy, and not because it’s my play, but simply because of the talent they bring with them; it’s something you want to see. It’s like “living theater”, doing a play in the venue where it actually takes place in the script, Farrell’s Bar. So I welcome all the people from our old neighborhood to drop by Farrell’s this Sunday afternoon. If everything works out for him Denis Hamill will be there. And my tough guy friend from the “city”, T.j. English who wrote the book on the Irish of Hell’s Kitchen, The Westies, is coming by on the “Iron Horse.” .

    Funny how it goes, I spent many a night staring into those long mirrors of Farrell’s Bar in the early 60’s, beer in front of me,wondering where I was going with my life. Always thinking I wanted to act or write, and never dreaming I would write something that would bring me home again, back where I started, Farrell’s Bar.

  2. jimmyvac says:

    Gotta try to make it.. Good Luck Pat! Steven, are you in for the reunion? Hope so..

    • hoopscoach says:


      No go for me this time around. Wife and daughter are out of town, someone has to watch the dog and cat and plus, they fly in Saturday night. Have to be there to pick them up. Tough call man…I tried.

  3. jimmyvac says:

    Sorry to hear that… I owe you a beer or 7

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