Received word that Leonard Gidlund, Holy Name Class of 1973 has passed away.

Gidlund grew up on 16th between ninth and tenth avenues.

Please keep the Gidlund family in your thoughts and prayers.

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7 Responses to RIP – LEONARD GIDLUND

  1. Jim F says:

    Sad news. Was in my class at HN. Nice guy. RIP, Lenny.

  2. Paul McLaughlin says:

    Very Sad…played cards with Lenny on 16th street with Quigley, Hurley and Routheir. Cousin of Liz Hardy.

  3. mjlsr says:

    RIP. Lenny was a good guy in Holy Name . My prayers are
    with your family.

  4. Don Cush says:

    God Bless him. I have not seen him since Holy Name Graduation 1973

  5. Kristen Gidlund says:

    Thank you for your kind words, please keep in touch our family still lives on 16th street.

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