Cool story about Budweiser beer via the New York Daily News. And if you’re talkin’ suds in NYC, gotta mention Farrell’s.

It still sells here, and it’s here to stay,” says John Powers, a bartender at Farrell’s Bar and Grill, the Windsor Terrace watering hole that was once the East Coast’s biggest seller of Budweiser.

The bar’s regulars are wise to Bud’s legacy.

“It’s the best beer in the city,” says Tom Cannizzaro, 49, a plumber in the neighborhood. “It’s a clean, fresh taste — nothing compares.”

Rich Duffy

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9 Responses to “BOTTOMS UP!”

  1. jimmyvac says:

    Gotta say,nothing goes down as smooth as a container…

  2. Jack Kelly says:

    What makes Bud nice is if your going to be out for awhile. The craft beers are enjoyable but after three of four…….okay six or seven…. they tend to be a bit heavy and after number eight your done…..The Bud on the other hand lets you hang out a lot longer….. It’s also good as a cooking beer for the corned beef while your drinking a Guinness at home 🙂

  3. jimmyvac says:

    Jack, I like mixing the two of them in a large cup… great combo… not too heavy , not too light…great black & tan….

  4. Jim Casey says:

    That last phrase is a hated one by the Irish

  5. jimmyvac says:

    As someone who is about 90 per cent Irish, I hope I did not offend anyone. But I have heard the drink ordered
    quite often …When I was in Ireland, I drank only Guinness.and Jameson which taste a little different there than here……

  6. Billy Morin says:

    I have never seen John Powers look better!

  7. Tonyfas16 says:

    Just want to take a second and wish everyone a great ST Paddy’s Day. Be safe and enjoy and remember “Please Don’t Drink And Drive”

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