Just been informed that my friend Pat Fenton will be doing a reading of his play, “Stoopdreamer,” at Farrell’s the day after the neighborhood reunion. Here’s Pat…

On the day after the Windsor Terrace, Holy Name, neighborhood reunion, I’ll be inviting anyone who is free and hanging around for awhile in our neighborhood to join me at Farrell’s Bar on 16th Street and 9th Avenue where I will be doing a reading of my play about Windsor Terrace, Stoopdreamer. It’s Sunday, April 13th at 2 P.M.. It will run for about a half hour. The play recently had a successful, full reading at the Cell Theatre in the Chelsea section of Manhattan, and is currently being planned for a full production there. As the date gets closer there will be more info on it. Admission is free. 

Pat Fenton with beer

I can’t think of a more better place to come home to, Farrell’s Bar. Cheers!

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  1. Jack Kelly says:

    I left my glasses at home but did my eyes decieve me or did I just read free beer ?………Haha, only kidding, that sounds great Pat. I’m looking forward to it 🙂

  2. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    (sigh) I wish I was going to be in town for this..and the reunion..but the French Quarter Fest is calling my name…

  3. Pat Fenton says:

    You’ll be missed, Maureen. But I’m sort of testing the waters with this reading.Farrell’s has always been one of my favorite places. Looking forward to being home again and reading in a saloon that my father (and my mother from Galway) drank in.The wonderful character actor Jack O’Connell , who is in the original production of “Stoopdreamer”, will be there with me. His work has been praised by Ted Danzan and Louie C.K., who he has worked with. We will do three scenes together. The whole thing should last about a half hour, goling by the rule always leave them wanting more. So I’ll see how it goes, and then I’ll start thinking of bringing a full production to the neighborhood. Where, I’m not sure. And I have to get the backing of some New York producers. I have a good feeling about this reading, and i think we might draw a decent crowd. As always, Steve, thanks for the use of the hall, and for lending an ear to my shamless promotion.

    • hoopscoach says:

      Holy Name schoolyard would be an ideal place for a future reading/production. Could be the making of a great fundraiser for the school.

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