In the film, “A Bronx Tale” Chaz Palminteri says, “NOBODY CARES!”

In the film, “…And Justice for All” Al Pacino cries, “Don’t you care?”

Does anyone care anymore?


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6 Responses to THE CARING LIFE…

  1. JB says:

    Everyone cares… It’s just that everyone cares about something different..

  2. Jack Kelly says:

    People care Coach. It’s sometimes they only care about themselves.

  3. Tonyfas16 says:

    How can anyone care when TV and Movie Stars, musicians, politicians, athletes, large corporations etc… are cheating, stealing and lying and in most cases “Getting away with Murder.” The media sensationalizes it to the point you know they only give a shit about ratings and selling newspapers. We have a moron leading our country down the toilet.
    The real question should be WHO CARES? No one cares.

  4. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    sometimes I have to make my world really small, and concentrate on those within my power to help..if I think about what others do, or the scope of human suffering throughout the world, I get overwhelmed…so I dial it back, do what I can do…but, yes… I do care…about a lot of things…

  5. Jack Kelly says:

    In my humble opinion it’s competition among the news affiliates that drives the insanity. In the beginning it was only newspapers. Then came radio and soon after Local TV. Now we add in to the mix cable TV and computers and it becomes a feeding frenzy for viewership. And the worse they make it the more we love it. Why else would these reality shows be so successful……………………. Man and Womankind have always done bad things to eachother since the beginning of time. Why else would God feel it necessary to send Moses down from mountain with rules to live by………….And some of us even shortened it down to ten 🙂

  6. jimmyvac says:

    I think most of us care in the little things we do, like carrying a baby carriage up an escalator for a mom, shoveling and looking in on an elderly neighbor, giving your seat to an elder or pregnant woman. There are may people that do not outside their little world and that’s a shame.. What Jack said is true about negativity. Jackie Robinson said it best,”The measure of one’s life is its impact on others”.

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