My first girlfriend.

I loved everything about her.


First time I saw her I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Like Charlie Rich once said, “Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Yes indeed Charlie, I saw her and she was standing right in front of me. My first true love affair.

At 14 I fell in love for the very first time.

I don’t even remember the first time we kissed but I remember how she mad me feel.

It was just one year before we met I had played the game “7 Minutes in Heaven” the first time I kissed a girl but this was different. My girlfriend’s kiss was smooth. It had meaning.  She wrapped her arms around me. I felt like someone cared about me.

She was tall with short dark hair and she had the brightest smile of all the girls in our group. There must have been close to twenty-five of us, a mixture of boys and girls. We were young, 14 to 16. Thought we knew it all.

We hung out every night. And the best part of every night was she was there all the time. How lucky can one boy get?

We could be in Prospect Park, Holy Name schoolyard or on a street corner.  My favorite spot with her though was on her stoop. People would walk by her house and say hello and I was so proud to call her my girlfriend. We sat there for hours talking. Every now and then we would sneak in a kiss.

She had an awesome voice too. The first time she told me she said that she loved me, I went home and couldn’t sleep. After spending time with her I hated going home so we would call each other on the phone.

“GET OFF THE GODDAMN PHONE!” mom would scream at me somewhere close to midnight.

On my birthday and at Christmas she made it memorable.  She bought me a ten-speed bike for my sixteenth birthday. And of course there was Valentine’s Day. She would always give me some chocolate, a card and of course that smile.  But most of all, the biggest gift she gave me was her time. Being with her topped anything in my life.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Maureen…

I hope you’re doing well.