Thanks to my main man, Harry Mills. (Double click on image to enlarge)

Corner of Ballard

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11 Responses to CORNER STONE

  1. GTrapp says:

    Great picture of a prime central spot of the neighborhood!

    • hoopscoach says:

      What’s really cool about this image is that there’s not a single person in the picture. And, look up in the window on the top floor, someone still has a light on in their room…

  2. Tonyfas16 says:

    That’s Harrys old apartment. A room with a view.

  3. Tonyfas16 says:

    Not the one with the light on. The corner one below. On Windsor side.

  4. jimmyvac says:

    That was the crossroads of the neighborhood for me.. Either I was heading home (Windsor , 7th and & 8th). Or I was heading to the subway, to hangout, or play ball. To paraphrase Robert Frost, this was the road taken….

  5. Glenn Thomas says:

    Harry knew my Aunt and Uncle who aslo lived there above Ballard’s at the same time Harry did. Pat and Elizabeth Riley. She was my father’s oldest sister. My uncle Pat was a funny character. He was born and raised in Liverpool, England where many Irish immigrants lived working in the shipyards. He had tatoos all over for earlier in his life and during WW2 he was in the British merchant marines and got torpedoed twice by German U-boats. When he came to the states he took a job as a bartender in the Empire State Building. He was our “special” uncle for he marched to his own beat and we loved him precisely for that! I have fond memories being in that apartment as a young boy.

  6. Tonyfas16 says:

    Does Jay Hanks still own that drug store?

  7. tommy fraser says:

    Red,I am supprised that all you hoops lovers are not talking about that BILLION DOLLAR pay out being offered by quicken loans and Warren Buffet for picking all the games during March madness. If you take lump sum payout it’s only $500,000,000.00. To paraphraseTony and Jackie Gleason.A mere bag of shells,

  8. jimmyvac says:

    Speaking of sports and money, the two Silna brothers who owned the ABA Spirits of St. Louis for a year may be settling for over 500 million bucks with the NBA. When the ABA folded , the brothers held out for the TV revenue which was peanuts in 1976 . Since the age of big bucks TV,they have received over 250 million dollars and the original deal states the money is due them forever (perpetuity).

    • hoopscoach says:


      Spirits were a wild team.

      Marvin Barnes, Joe Caldwell, Goo Kennedy, Mo Lucas, Fly Williams, ML Carr, Moses Malone, Mike D’Antoni,

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