The holidays are in the rear view mirror, it was a busy time for all. The weather is still crappy so I thought I would post something different.

Born in Brooklyn

Going through the comments section I came across some cool people who gave their views/reflections of their time in the neighborhood.

From Brian Lang:

I remember when the run (Basketball Games) switched from Holy Name to P.S.154. I would walk down Prospect ave. Stop in the D&R Deli (Dirt and Roaches). It was on the corner of 10th ave. across from Mc Bears. Get a sundew and a pickle. Then in the summer when it was 100 degrees we used to go to key food and get some a/c to cool off and drink a large sundew iced tea in the store without paying. Much props to Father Devlin for bringing the Holy Name summer League back.

From Kevin Molloy:

Thinking of Holy Name cross country back then do you remember how dominant Mickey Reilly was for Holy Name? I don’t think he ever lost a race for the school. Also Mary K was dominant on the girls side.

From Betty Trapp:


From Mike Purdy:

I also remember Lala…Junkie Joe with the baby carriage. Also on 10th Ave there was that old man, he’d checked your hands to see if they were clean. If they were clean he would give you tickets to Palisades Amusement Park. Unfortunately the tickets were no good because Palisades Amusement Park was closed down. Years later he was found frozen to death outside Connie’s Corner (Windsor and 10th. Ave). Those were the days… 

From Michael Lang:

Me & my 17th Street crew use to climb over the high fence at Bishop Ford, go down the metal steps to play 2 on 2 sponge ball in the schoolyard. We use to chip in and buy from either Rays n Ottos or Bargain Land the white baseball spongeballs, somtimes leaving these stores with 12 balls…going home with none ! I use to pitch a double header almost every other day , probably 200 pitches a game. We all sucked, all the games were 1-0 or 2-0 generated by walks …we all struck out 10x each. No pitch count for this magic arm. What a nut i was. Then we use to go down to get this one “AUNT FANNIES FARM” and buy the 1/2 gallon sun dew drinks in all different flavors for like 75 cents and pass it around like a doobie…….oh those were the days !!!!

From Tommy Fields:

Use to play a lot of street hockey, with the metal rollerskates on 11th ave between 16th and the parkside. There use to be a nice gap in the park fence right by 11th, I think the Saxon’s (remember them?) made it with a car jack so they could slip through and get to Suicide easier. Made getting over there easier for sleighriding. Also, it’s on the way to lookout, where Brother John used to run track practice on the “track” which once around was supposed to be a 220. A few of us would go half way and jump in the bushes to get out of running for a while, then jump back in. Remember seeing some funny stuff on that hill in all weather.
Someone mentioned the guy they found outside Connie’s frozen, I remember seeing him shortly after they found him, I think Bobby Cirillo found him all blue.
Anyone remember playing baseball cards? I still remember beating Stephen Keating in a 100er last. I think he’s still pissed. He did have a hell of an arm and if he hit you with a snowball, you knew it. For that matter, a brand new spaldeen hurt as much if it hit you playing swift at 154.

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