Sad news from an earlier story; the jogger in Prospect Park who collapsed has died.

New York Daily News has complete story.

Rynn Berry passed around 12:30 p.m. at New York Methodist Hospital with family and friends flanked at his bedside, said fellow scribe and friend Martin Rowe.

Berry had gone into cardiac arrest after a jog in the park, according to Rowe, and went several days as an unknown before his half-brother Charles identified him, cops said.

“I saw him yesterday and he was unconscious and in a coma,” said Rowe, 48, who only recognized the vegetarian historian when he saw him lying in his hospital bed.

“It was very sad. He was breathing steadily and his heart was beating. He looked at peace.”

 The veggie expert — who ran the New York City Marathon in 1979, according to Rowe – had been running without any identification in Prospect Park on New Year’s Eve.