Thanks to Kenny W. for bringing awareness and keeping us updated on this awful story.

UPDATE: Looks like they identified the Prospect Park jogger.

Here is the link to the New York Post

Click this link via DNA Info.com for the original story.

Jogger who collapsed

The man, who is believed to be approximately 60 years old and has thinning gray hair, was spotted running in Prospect Park on Dec. 31, police said. He collapsed about 1 p.m. and was rushed to New York Methodist Hospital, where he was in critical condition, according to police.

The man had no identification on him and was carrying only an asthma inhaler, the source said.

He stands 5-foot-9 and weighs 200 pounds and has brown eyes, police said. He was wearing blue jogging pants and jacket, and black, size 9 1/2 Adidas sneakers when he fell.

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4 Responses to WITH A LITTLE HELP…

  1. Karen Artz Shanley says:

    He has been identified

  2. tommy fraser says:

    The mans name was Rynn Berry 68, he was a famous vegen author,who was id’d by his brother. Mr. Berry passed on thurs., he was running on new years eve,without any id.

  3. tommy fraser says:

    Happy New Year to all, hope this year finds you and yours in the best of health

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