William “Red” LaVasseur, father of Scott, Chris and Billy passed away in the early morning of Monday, December 30, 2013.

Please keep the LaVasseur family in your thoughts and prayers.

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7 Responses to RED LAVASSEUR, RIP

  1. Pat Fenton says:

    So sorry to hear that. My thoughts are with his family.

  2. Bill LaVasseur says:

    Thank You Red and Thank You Pat, he will be missed.

  3. Pat Fenton says:

    Red Lavasseur was a part of the Windsor Terrace I grew up in, a part that many today know little of. It was a time of bar fights over who knows what. And God knows ,I was in too many of them. But I don’t regret it. It thought me something about who I am, who I became as a writer.

    It was a time in the late 50’s and into the 60’s where you had to be tough to make it on 17th Street and 9th Avenue. It was a time of tough guys, and slow dancing to Rock and Roll music at places like the Hill Top Lounge on 18th Street. But the one thing I remember most from all of it, was that in their heart of hearts most of the tough guys who grew up there were what Tony the Rigger from the Hill Top Lounge would call “good people.” And Red Lavasseur was that.

  4. Geri Cregg Cahill says:

    He was a GREAT guy and will, for sure, be missed. He certainly did raise three great men…

  5. Bill LaVasseur says:

    Thank You Cuz, he will be missed.

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