It’s about six weeks old but here’s a nice tribute by Denis Hamill on Jimmy Breslin via the Daily News.

Click the link.

Love this quote from Breslin on accepting an award:

“I don’t wanna be here. I have work to do. I’m not worth any f—— award, I can tell you that much. I wanna be home working on my book.”




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3 Responses to HAMILL ON BRESLIN

  1. Pat Fenton says:

    I recently spent an afternoon with Jimmy Breslin at his upper West Side Apt, doing a piece on him for the Irish Echo, Steve. He’s 83 now, and he still talks in these short clipped, Hemingway type sentences. But somehow over the years, it all went into his writing and flowed out as some of the best writing we will ever see in our time. (I’ll give you a heads up when its published. )

    • hoopscoach says:

      Please do that Pat, I have always been a huge fan of Breslin. I met his daughter Kelly back in the early 90’s. Sad to report she died way too young.

      Happy New Year Pat, and keep writing!

  2. jimmyvac says:

    He is a great writer and he makes it look so easy……

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