Later for Howard Cunningham, Morty Hyman and John Madden.


The best Hardware Store is located on fifth avenue in Brooklyn.

Need a product?

Want advice?

Need some TLC?

Wanna feel like you’re family?

Look no further than Leopoldi’s Hardware, 415 fifth avenue to be exact.

Shoot; Joe, Pete or Robert may even make a trip to your house and fix something for you. I bet free of charge too.

Click this link and see for yourself – good blurb via the New York Daily News.

Walking down an aisle at one of those “big box stores” you have a good chance of running into a salesperson on their phone texting; walk down the aisle at Leopoldi’s you’ll get valuable service.

Can’t forget about Aunt Flo chillin’ at the front door holding things down.




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6 Responses to WHO’S NUTS AND BOLTS?

  1. Jack Kelly says:

    Right on Red, there is no doubt about it………..They are the best !

  2. Joe was very helpful ,along with Roger Menze in helping my family and I get back in my house after sandy. I had known Joe for many years ,first time dealing with his business (I live in S .I.) great to have someone you can trust to do business with and help in a time of need.

  3. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    I always use Leopoldi’s…if they don’t have it, they will get it for you and they usually ask what the purchase is for, to ensure you are getting the right thingamajig….

  4. Larry Ford says:

    Of course- the best hardware stores are always, and will always be–the neighborhood ones; family…personal. In Brooklyn no less!!!!!!

    I learned this long ago: Cumberland & Pikesville Maryland. My late mother-in-law even advised that the one in Pikesville probably had Kosher nuts & bolts.

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