It seems like I spend every morning trying to get my 14 year-old daughter up out of bed and off to school. Some days are easier than others.

Mom did the same thing with me. I hated to get up out of my warm bed. Most mornings Mom would yell at me to wake up.


As a student at Holy Name of Jesus, I was late often. Probably late more than any student; this with living right across the street from school.  I was lazy. Didn’t want to do anything.

What kid likes to get up anyway?

I was never a morning person; to this day I still struggle with it.  If it was up to me, I’d sleep in every day.

As a teenager I hated getting up.

For a short time I was enrolled at John Jay, I loved the 12 noon to 5 pm session.

Thank God all that changed.



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2 Responses to GET UP!

  1. Kenny Whelan says:

    I can still hear my father yelling from the kitchen “the hell with them Rita – let them sleep their lives away”.
    Of course, my mother didn’t follow his advice. She would put objects in the bed (ash trays, etc.) so that when you rolled over to try and go back to sleep, you rolled on top of one of them. Sometimes she would even put ice cubes in the bed for the shock value. She had to time her attack so that the three of us didn’t get up at the same time and then start fighting over getting into the one bathroom first. When you finally made it to the kitchen, she never said a word – just had that sly smile on her face. She had a great sense of humor.

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