Had the chance to substitute teach this morning at the local high school.

Boy have times changed!


If you ever have the chance to sub, give it a shot.

Despite what you might hear about today’s kids, I am here to tell you that they are awesome!

Wish I can turn back time and go back to high school.

Matter of fact, there are some days when I wish I was a schoolteacher.




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2 Responses to LEARN THAT POEM

  1. Paul Kurella says:

    Breezy Brisbane wood like credit for that title !

    • hoopscoach says:

      “Bobby, what is 2 and 1?”
      “Shoe polish.”
      “What is 3 and 1?”
      “No, darling, I don’t you think you understand. Now, if a hen laid an egg hear, and I laid two here…”
      “Aw, I don’t think you can do it!”

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