It’s one of the hardest things to do as a teen.  Even some adults struggle with it.

Some are decent at it, some are terrible.

I was terrible at it.


Into my adult life I gradually became better. I saw how important it was. I really try to learn to be better at this all important trait…


Are kids today listening to the older people in their lives like they should

Are there adults out there passing their wisdom on to the younger generation or are they learning from the wrong people?

In Windsor Terrace you had the ‘experienced guys’ passing along their encouragement, advice, and discipline to us younger guys.

It could be in the boys schoolyard teaching us how to take a left-handed lay-up in the 4th grade (Thanks Danny P).

It could be Jimmy R. from 10th avenue showing us how to play basketball the right way or maybe it was telling us to get off the corner at midnight and get home (Thanks to many guys).

There was a cool guy named Cadgee who was always in the boys schoolyard playing basketball. I think he was from 12th street between 8th and 9th avenues.  The guy was aces.  He was always riding around on his 10-speed bike.  I recall him talking to me when I would be frustrated from playing bad or losing a game. I’d be on the side waiting to get back on the court and sure enough Cadgee would come over and tell me to cool down and get my head straight and go back out there and get them.

Years later he found God and became a born-again christian. (It would be amazing if he ever finds this blog)

There was Corrado pulling up to the curb on 9th street and 5th avenue in his cherry-red caddy while I waited for the B75 bus and giving me a lift up to the avenue. It was close to midnight, this after walking down to the donut shop picking up a dozen.

Thanks to Rich F. for giving me a card in celebration of my 8th grade graduation from Holy Name and slipping in a ten spot. (And thanks for accompanying me on a recruiting trip years later)

And of course thanks to Gerard T. from Howard Place for telling me to go to school and get a good job!

How about it? Does anyone stand out in your mind who gave you valuable advice when you were younger? A school teacher from Holy Name., a good friend, coach or even a priest?

I once heard Michigan State University men’s basketball coach Tom Izzo say, “Learn to listen, listen to learn.” Best advice on listening I have ever heard.