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I played sports at Holy Name just like 90% of the boys in the neighborhood.

The best thing about this experience was the coach.  I had some of the best the neighborhood had to offer; I was taught lessons which I still use today.


Whether it was basketball in the winter, baseball, track or cross-country, there was always a coach who raised his voice to get their message across.

Did I like it?

Probably not.

I even quit the basketball team a couple of times because the coach yelled at me. That’s soft isn’t it?

Esquire Magazine published this article a few months back on coaches who yell. The author didn’t have a problem with the “old school coach.”  Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

One important aspect of coaching; everyone has a different philosophy on how things should be. Bob Hurley at Saint Anthony’s and Tom Izzo at Michigan State scream a lot. They are two Hall of Fame coaches.

Today, we have a lot of advocates who are against the coach yelling at their son or daughter.

There’s also a connection to how a kid is treated at home.  Did the parents play sports?  Is the kid a good athlete or not? As a high school coach, I have had parents tell me it’s fine with them that I yell at their kids where on the other hand there have been parents upset at me for yelling.

Take time to read this piece and tell me what you think.