Before there was cable television, a huge resource for sports news was ‘Sports Extra’ which came on Sunday nights, on channel 5.

Bill mazer

Bill Mazer, a one-time host of the show has passed away. He was 92.

New York Times has the story. 

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5 Responses to THE AMAZIN’

  1. Glenn Thomas says:

    I loved Bill Mazer and his WNEW-TV 5 sports report. I really loved his Sunday night 10:30 PM Sports Extra Show with John Dockery and Oren Stevens. As we didn’t have cable TV for the longest time in Brooklyn, it was shows like Mazer’s that enabled us pre-ESPN crowd to watch our highlights. Bill Mazer loved Julius Erving especially when he played with the Nets in the ABA back on Long Island. Mazer used to implore on his telecasts for John “Super John” Williamson to stop shooting the ball and pass the ball to the great Doctor. He was right. RIP Amazin’.

  2. H. Mills says:

    Yes 10:30 Sunday night, channel 5. He seemed like a real good guy. R.I.P. Bill Mazer.

  3. jimmyvac says:

    I remember Lee Leonard also was on it. Mazer was great.. enthusiastic, funny but put sports reporting above self promotion. RIP

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