I came across a story of a high school football team winning 91-0. This reminds me of a basketball game I played in back in 1976 where we beat a team 74-4.  Our head coach had to write a letter of apology.

Why am I mentioning this football score?

Seems that a parent from the losing team filed a “bully report.”

Click here for the story.




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8 Responses to BULLY

  1. tony fasano says:

    I’m suprised it wasn’t labeled under the Patriot Act. All kidding aside don’t you think the coach could have went to the officials and asked for a mercy ruling. I think he acted like an idiot, did he really think a miracle was going to happen and the team he was “killing” was going to make a come back.
    I would have been pissed if I was one of those parents too. You got to wonder why he would do something like that what was he thinking?

  2. jimmyvac says:

    You play the game out the best you can whether you are up or down. I have been on both sides of it as a player and it stinks to be on the losing end. These are high school kids, they are not going be traumatized by it.

  3. tony fasano says:

    I was thinking along the “Good Sportsman” side of the coin. I think the coach showed poor taste and sense.when is enough, enough?
    I bet he ouldn’t like it if some one did that to him or his kid.

  4. Andrew Purdy says:

    “What comes around, goes around” His reputation has been made. All coaches will wait for the day they can repay the favor.

  5. jimmyvac says:

    Steven, I think the issue here is not bullying but a lack of sportsmanship. The team has been dominant (outscoring opponents by 69 points per game). The coach should have stopped passing and only run the ball or play the second stringers… I don’t like when parents get involved. Unless it involves some form of abuse or foul play, they should stay out of it. As Andrew said he will be on the other end of it. Anyway, good players get more satisfaction when you beat someone who forces you to do your best and elevate your game than pad your stats against less talented opponents whether it is one on one or a team sport.

    • hoopscoach says:


      The only thing I would say to your comment is how do you tell the back-up QB for the winning team to “just hand the ball off?” He wants to throw the ball too…

      My thing is they tried everything they could; it’s a tough situation. I have been there. On both sides.

      Have a good one and thanks for your contribution.

  6. Glenn Thomas says:

    I think it all depends on what the score was at halftime. I’m guessing that the game was in hand at that point or perhaps sooner. Who played in the second half? Did they throw the ball? These teams have second and third string players that never see the field and when these players finally get in a game are they being asked to play differently than what they worked and trained hard for in practice? I guess what I am saying is that it’s not all cut and dry when these lop sided games happen. I never liked to blow teams out either as a player or as a coach for I was on the other side of that far too many times. I would also ask was this a league game with two teams in the same classification ( A, AA, AAA) or was it a non league game between class schools? A lot will come out and I am curious to see the findings.

  7. jimmyvac says:

    Cuz, you articulated much better what I tried to say. As I said before, it is more rewarding playing against someone who makes you play your best. I was agreeing with you Steve, what is the winning coach supposed to do? Don’t forget the kids who want to put up big numbers for scholarships. It’s tough for both coaches but it is not bullying

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