Denis Hamill on a white couple attacked in their car while waiting at a red light by Kings Plaza.

Click here for Hamill’s story via the New York Daily News. Here’s a short blurb.

Right over there by the traffic light near Kings Plaza at Avenue U and E. 58th St. , a guy named Ronald Russo, 30, sits in his car with his wife, Alanna, 30, about 7 p.m. Oct. 14, waiting for a red light to turn green to drive less than a mile home.

The light switches to green as a group of 10 black youths, ages 12 to 18, steps in front of the car in the crosswalk, according to prosecutors. The kids linger. Don’t move. Russo taps the horn. Instead of crossing, the youths start kicking the car. Banging on the windows, authorities say.

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18 Responses to RACE

  1. jimmyvac says:

    This is like the bikers, a bunch of gutless punks. Racism , white on black or otherwise, should not be tolerated. Put these skels in jail for a full sentence.. let’s see how tough they are there…

    • hoopscoach says:


      You are right. I think everyone jumps to “hate crime” right away the minute they see the perp and victim are not the same race. Of course, screaming racists slurs never helps. But I agree, either way they are a bunch of gutless punks. Time spent in jail should be mandatory.

  2. tony fasano says:

    Not everyone Steve. You don’t see white people rioting and burning cars, the paper carries the article on page 500. I don’t see anyone marching on City Hall calling for justice. God forbid this was the othe way around.
    Not Everyone Just THEM

  3. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    If people are being beat down, while being called racial slurs, it IS a hate crime, and they come in all shapes and sizes..I have to be honest, I am disturbed by the tone of the comments here…I don’t believe in painting a whole group of people by the actions of some, and I believe in US..not US vs THEM..we are all the same under the skin, the cultural mores and the religion.

    • hoopscoach says:


      You’re right. If there are racial slurs shouted during the beat-down, it should be treated as a hate crime. Is the media doing enough?

      Imus had a few words towards those Rutgers female basketball players and it was all over the news.

  4. Al says:

    Maureen, I understand where you’re coming from, and I have no doubt it is a place where you have nothing but the best of intentions——–being fed up with racists, racial tension and hostility. I’m from the same place. However, I have a different take on it.

    I believe in calling a spade a spade, for I’m convinced that unless we face problems head on, we will never solve them. Doing that is difficult and takes courage. Part of that means calling out the thugs and their transparently phony divisive tactics.

    I’m fed up even more with political correctness, caving in to and buying in to the coercive, agenda- driven demands of too many minority activists, who, unfortunately, have a stranglehold on the black community in general, who follow them like sheep. I have black friends who call it as they see it, and they see it as I do. My black friends happen to be hard-working and successful, and they don’t need the shakedown tactics of these charlatans, for they are not looking for the booty these activists will extract from our largely white society. These activists, and “Reverend” Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are right at the top of that list, have had America by the cojones since the 1960’s, and their blatant coercion and blackmail has gotten worse each decade since. Anyone challenging their outrageous tactics is called a racist, and the political correctness police come out in droves. Most of our newspapers and politicians are afraid to call them out.

    I don’t see any problem with the tone thus far expressed on this board. The Truth was written. You say you “…believe in US…not US vs THEM”. Well, the truth is that no one has been more racially divisive than those mean-spirited, race-baiting, riot-inciting, charlatans I mentioned earlier.

    America’s history of racial segregation (which largely ended in the 1950’s) and slavery aside (those are a whole different discussion), no racial issue is larger, in my opinion, than the trouble and divisiveness caused by those “Professional Activists” who are in it only for whatever they can get.

    “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!” perfectly encapsulates what they are all about——-holding towns, cities, corporations, and America hostage for their selfish gains. And their gains have been tremendous——-countless laws and policies changed to benefit them, more affirmative action programs, more jobs programs, billions of dollars in civil lawsuit victories won through twisting the facts and undue pressure put on municipalities who feared civil unrest, etc, etc.

    I applaud those posters whose “tone” you disagree with. They have refused to be emasculated and silenced by the politically correct crowd, who have been co-opted and cowed by the charlatans and other spineless drones.

    I am proud to count myself among those posters on this board who still have their spines intact.

  5. Pat Fenton says:

    Truth is, Steve, this country is divided more than it ever has been in my memory. And nobody really wants to admit it, not the President of the United States, not the politicians in both parties, and not us.

  6. Tumpy says:

    He should have just stepped on the gas and made the world a better place

  7. Al says:

    I misspoke in my previous post. I meant to say “Professional Agitators” not “Professional Activists.” Calling those rabble rousers and hate mongers activists gives activists a bad name.

    Anyone who recalls the Tawana Brawley incident will remember the shenanigans of “Rev.” Al, and those two other clowns, C. Vernon Mason, and Alton Maddox. That deplorable saga had a gunny sack full of outrageous antics by those charlatans. The “Reverend” refused to pay his court ordered judgment to the Pagones family, for defamation, for many years. A really fine, upstanding citizen, that “Reverend.”

    The only reason MSNBC hired him as their TV host is so they can attract the very large minority demographic to their flagging ratings. A BIG mistake, for it lends that charlatan a credibility he doesn’t deserve.

  8. tommy fraser says:

    Well it finnally happened, someone has opened a can of worms on this site. Al, i ask you if you came from windsor terrace or not? Because it certainly does not sound like you grew up in the same place i did. Many people from this area grew up to become cops ,firemen,transit workers, and other jobs that serve the public. The last thing that you care about when you work and who you are trying to help is what color they are. True there are people who take advantage of racial problems ,but, there will always be those who open their pieholes and show their ignorance. There are many types of people out there, some good some bad,and that is what makes it us vs them. Them being people of all races who act like a**holes and dont think with their minds, but react with violence. Hate was not taught in school it is learned on one’s own dime and on the street where one grew up.THANK GOD I GREW UP IN WINDSOR TERRACE,where I learned to judge people by their actions and caracter. NOT BY THEIR COLOR. That is the differance between US &THEM.

    • Al says:


      I’ll be considerate and not take offense at your comments about me.

      I suggest you re-read my post to see if I ever said or implied that I’m a racist. Then re-read it again to see whether I criticized ALL minorities. Then re-read it again to fact check my claims. After you have done your due diligence, feel free to comment on my post again.

      It so happens that for many years, The Daily News and The New York Post, et al, published editorials and articles that were WAY more hypercritical of those who are the subject of my post than I was.

      But next time, please be polite, and check your insinuations at the door.

      PS – I have lived in both the South Slope and Windsor Terrace, and my family has roots there going back three (3) generations. Many of my ancestors and relatives are buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

      Any more erudite questions?

  9. Kenny Whelan says:

    I have a suggestion. Let’s put an end to this post. We all know where is it going. Around in circles and eventually, nowhere.
    Let’s get back to remembering the good memories (and some bad) of the neighborhood. I believe that was the original intent Of the blog and we all love it.
    Just the thoughts of a proud Irish liberal living in the middle of Texas. 🙂

    Peace out.

    • hoopscoach says:


      You and I think alike. I swear to God on a stack of bibles, I was thinking the same thing about an hour ago. I saw where it was going; like most comments sections on topics like this; it goes nowhere.

      As of now, 6:30 PM eastern standard time, this comment section on “Race” is officially closed!!!


  10. jimmyvac says:

    Amen..and don’t put an end to this post. It is a great site and you “run” it at the highest level. .

  11. Al says:


    I don’t know if you are related to Steven Whelan, who graduated Holy Name in 1966. Steve and I were in the same class. Hope all is well with him.


    • Kenny Whelan says:

      Yes. Steve is my brother. I am the youngest of the three of us.
      He is doing ok living in Deleware. Has one daughter Maggie who is 23.
      I will tell him you said hello. What is your last name ?
      Hope all is well with you.

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