If you were a ballplayer and hung out in the boys schoolyard, you will love this outstanding video clip of Chris Mullin who grew up in Flatbush and attended St. Thomas Aquinas.

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8 Responses to WE CAN RELATE

  1. Jim F says:

    Hey, coach. I remember playing on that green linoleum court like it was yesterday. St. Thomas had some great teams back then. In sixth grade we lost to them in the second round of the playoffs down at the OLP gym (a night game!), when we had Tommy Ferro and Joe Santos as our go-to guys. I hit a few jumpers from the corner and the next day Mr. Gillen started calling me “Downtown.” In seventh grade, we were coached by Chin Gruschow, but the day of our game at St. Thomas, he was out of town, so Mrs. Gruschow coached us. She had coaching chops for sure. We got pounded though, since Tommy and Joe were playing on the 8th grade team that year. I remember taking a charge with a knee in the chest that drove me back into those wood panels around the stage… If memory serves, Edgar Delarosa was one of our guards that year, along with Michael Routhier and me. Great times!

    • hoopscoach says:


      Great stuff.

      I too played a few games there as a member of Holy Name; hey, how come we didn’t have a nickname or mascot at HN?

      Had to love CYO ball…

      • Jim Casey says:

        remember that gym from the 1974 Msgr. King Christmas tourney–my All Hallows team(post-Trapps) lost to Bob Hurley’s St. Anthony’s –one of the first of his many victories
        one of my many losses

      • hoopscoach says:


        The King Tournament was the best (behind the HN summer league of course)

        As a sixth grader, I recall attending the King tournament and watching Power Memorial play; a big reason why I wanted to be a Panther.

  2. Tom says:

    Nickname was Tigers.

  3. jimmyvac says:

    Like a lot what Mullin said.. class guy, great player.. always wish we had a gym..

    • hoopscoach says:


      Like my friend Carl pointed out, “Chris gave a lot of credit to the janitor of the building.”

      The Goddam Janitor!

      A prime example of a good guy giving credit to a most important part of the school system that everyone takes for granted.

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