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15 Responses to THE UNDERGROUND

  1. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    nice pic!

    • hoopscoach says:

      Thanks Maureen, I took it myself.

      • Don Cimato says:

        the picture of laundry brought back lot of memories, just (down on corner blog) the owner at time in past 70’s came out screaming for police cause a kid had his arm taken of in one of machines we went in seen him lying there ,never forgot that Donald, Rudy ,ed Kelly ,Jack m .That was are corner wanted to know if Maureen remembered this or us for that matter

    • Don Cimato says:

      Hi m , I Donald Cimato , grew up on 498 13th street above the Boves , from 68 to 78 , my friend Eddie Kelly was in apartment s between 7th 8th ave , down further was another friend Sylvia Lugo , I always remember the row of houses that where really set back from curb on that block across from factory ! That was a site . There was another class mate on that block . (Ps. 107 ) Barbera Nardini , lived on bar side apts. My father play soft ball for that bar . The name changed to times Gallagars , Nielsens . I also reme member the bodega on corner Pombos !!!

      • Dan Falcone says:

        Hey Don – I worked in the A&P on 9th street between 5th and 6th in the mid-70’s with Eddie VanBuskirk who was from 13th street between 8th and 9th. Know him / know what ever happened to him? I know he joined the Marines

      • hoopscoach says:


        Great times. I totally forgot about that spot.

  2. Kevin Mahoney says:

    I remember the incident you described in the laundramat on 13th street and 8th Ave.. I grew up on 14th and 8th and my mother was walking by when the kid was brought out missing his arm. She never forgot seeing that either. I got to know the kid and his brothers in later years, they lived on 11th Street and 8th, really nice people.

    • Don Cimato says:

      Hey ,Kevin glad the kid made it always wondered ! I was the first nosey person to walk back there to see what happen before cops came .And seen him laying beside the extracter machine . That night me and my guys was suppose to go to the grand opening of mc Donald’s on 9th street just below 5 th ave . But lost the appetite to say the least . I’m 52 now and still remember that kid lying there , and always wondered what happen to him .thanks for the closure . My friend Rudy use to take down basement below laundry and get all the change that came down from machines , we use to rack up back then !!!:) Thinking back it was probely about a couple a bucks Big score back then !! Do you remember us guy s , we hung out in 107 school yard !

  3. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    Don, I lived on 13th bet 7th and 8th, there were four of us..(sisters) I remember hearing what happened in the laundromat, but I was not there (thank goodness) The funny thing about that laundry is they STILL have those same metal bins to hold your clothes when moving them from washer to dryer, it is like time stopped, lol.. Where did your family live? I am older than most on this blog, graduated HN in 1966..

  4. Karen Artz Shanley says:

    Spent many a cold winter night with some great people in that underground.

    • hoopscoach says:

      This spot was one of the hidden treasures to hang out…

      • Don Cimato says:

        Hey hoops , sorry to keep cutting in on your topics .hope it’s ok , quick question I went to John jay grad 79 , there was a great kid was in a lot of my classes from your side of town , meaning after 14 th st .I think he lived on 16th bet 7and 8 . Brian Davis was a boxer , trained down 5th ave , just wondering did you know him ?good guy .

      • hoopscoach says:

        Brian Davis, great dude. Lived on Windsor Place, right off 8th avenue. Came from a great family!

      • Don Cimato says:

        Also reading through blog , you mention Jon Jon , what happen to him ? If its same guy he had two sisters Rosie who use to go out with Rudy’s brother . Fritz , and then there was Lisa . If I’m correct . I also remember on there block someone had a pool hall down in one the basements there . Do you remember that ?That’s way back ….

  5. jimmyvac says:

    There was an apartment building down by 11th ave that you entered through the right and there was an ares about 12 by 12 and I remember going drinking there with Mike Routhier, Eugene Liotta, Frankie Esposito, and others. a couple of times.. we also had the alamoes by the highway… anyone knows how those little parks got the name alamoes?

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