Thanks to Carl and Pat for telling me about Kevin R. McPartland, a writer from down on fifth avenue.

Kevin and I hooked up and he was kind enough to send me a copy of his novel, “Brownstone Dreams.” I’m telling you right now, go and order it ASAP.

Brownstone Dreams

It took me four nights to finish Brownstone Dreams and no, Evelyn Wood didn’t teach me how to be a speed reader. This masterful job by Kevin was hard to put down; it’s a must-read!

Here’s the link to LuLu. Do yourself a favor, order the book, you can thank me later.

Brownstone Dreams, set in Park Slope of the early 1960s, tells the story of Bobby Dutton, a decent 17-year-old boy who gets himself deeper and deeper into trouble after he steals the gun of Vincent Casseo, a violent criminal from the neighborhood. Later, Bobby finds Vincent’s brother bleeding from a stab wound and gets him to a hospital, saving his life and ensuring the friendship of Bobby and Vincent. His new friendship with the Casseos alienates Bobby from his girlfriend, Cathy, and from his old friends at the schoolyard. When Vincent kills a man at a bar who owed his father money, Bobby and Vincent go into hiding in Lower Manhattan, with Cathy, some Brooklyn hitmen, and the cops all looking for the two boys…