Whether you are a Mets fan or Yankees fan, you had to respect what this guy meant to the game of baseball. He did it the right way.

Mariano Rivera made his last appearance at Yankee stadium last night.

Mariano Rivera

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10 Responses to GOOD-BYE MARIANO

  1. tony fasano says:

    Absolutley the Greatest Closer ever also a consumate class act, stand up guy on and off the field.

    • hoopscoach says:

      Right on Tony…

      He should be an example for all young ball players.

      Never saw pictures of him in the clubs at 3AM and you never saw him showboat on the field or shoot an arrow in the sky after a save.

      And, he wore his cap the right way.

  2. Kenny Whelan says:

    Heading over to Houston tomorrow to see the last two games of the season for the Yankees. Andy Petitte is suppose to start tomorrow night. Hopefully, will get to see Mariano one of the games. There is talk they may let him play center field.

    • hoopscoach says:


      I’m jealous!

      Yes, I heard Girardi is thinking of putting him in centerfield, that would be cool.

      Hope Andy does well.

  3. tony fasano says:

    And most importantly he did it all with out steroids.

  4. tony fasano says:

    “I’m hoping the “Prince of Insignificance” aka “the Cancer” aks the F%$&ing Cheater” gets the boot
    Can you guess who I mean. I hope that scumbag winds up living under the Brooklyn Bridge.

  5. jimmyvac says:

    As a Met fan, I always had Yankee players I liked and wanted to see do well. Murcer, Mantle, Hunter, Lyle , White were among them but I gotta say Rivera is at the top of the list. He did it the right way. He never showed anyone up and appreciated the the game and the fans.

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