Mickey Breen and baby

It’s been two years since a good man passed away…


RIP, Mickey!

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  1. Jack Kelly says:

    You are missed Mickey………………………..

  2. Maureeen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    I have a lot of good memories of Mickey from long of my favorites was getting on the F train around 5am after hanging out in the park, with Mickey, Willie, Georgie R..and I forget who else, we got off by Radio City, we splashed around in every fountain on 6th Ave and eventually wound up in Central Park on the swings.. we were a little chemically enhanced at the time..but we had a blast!

    • hoopscoach says:


      I loved Georgie R.

    • Willy Wickham says:

      I remember that trip! The Gulf & Western Building on Columbus Circle with a very cool subway entrance, a winding staircase built into it’s base, was cause for much reflection. Donald Trump trashed it when he turned it into an apartment building but I still think of that staircase when passing by.

  3. Willy Wickham says:

    Can’t think of Mickey without thinking of Woodstock. By Sunday morning I was out of my skull, either sunstroke or something I ingested, and somehow thought the late Billy Donnelly had run off with my sleeping bag. Of course the sleeping bag was lost in the mud but I set off looking for Billy and Mickey, knowing I was a danger to myself, went with me on this insane odyssey where every blond headed guy I’d spot a quarter of a mile away I would exclaim, “There he is!”. We went everywhere there were people, even the Hog Farm, and never found Billy that morning. Eventually I was exhausted, settled down with a can of warm beer, and was OK.
    Mickey later said he enjoyed my weird trip, that he got to see parts of Woodstock he might not have seen if I hadn’t went nuts. That was Mickey.

  4. GTrapp says:

    Miss you Mick, RIP

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