From Nick Sisto:

On Saturday September 14th just prior to the 5:30PM Mass,  Fr. Jim Cunningham and Deacon Carlos Velásquez conducted a beautiful ceremony marking the official start of the “The Restoration of Holy Name of Jesus Church, 135 Years – Fulfilling Our Vision” project by closing the upper Church space at Holy Name.

Church Update Sept. 19 2 of 2

Those in attendance processed out of the upper Church down to Shepherd’s Hall where our first Mass started until the project concludes.

While September 14th closed the upper Church, construction has been going full force all summer with steel bracing and support work in preparation for our new “30 ton” marble altar and strengthening our 135 year old structure for the future.

After just two days of work in the upper Church, the Sanctuary looks very different:

To stay up to date on the latest project developments, check back in with “Container Dairies”, visit us on Facebook at (https://www.facebook.com/HNJ.Restoration) or the Holy Name website – http://www.holynamebrooklyn.com/.

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