A friend sent me this sign posted at a little league field.

Little League sign

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3 Responses to REALITY CHECK

  1. jim sullivan says:

    I coach youth sports for years and that is simply the greatest sign ever. One of our other coaches sent me the image a few years ago…same reminders, just the Cardinals as this one was in Metropolis, IL. Unfortunately, even with the context that sign delivers, the message wouldn’t resonate with some parents.

    I listen to Sirus XM now in the car, but there was a terrific show on WFAN that used to address all the ways parents and player parent coaches muck-up youth sports. I”l have to start listening to that again.

    • hoopscoach says:

      Jim I believe the show you are talking about comes on Saturday mornings. Guy’s name is Rick Wolf I believe. Love that show.

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