Holy Name of Jesus Church Restoration Project Update from Fr. Jim:

Fr. Jim n friend

We have reached an important milestone in the restoration of our church. As announced last weekend, starting tomorrow, Saturday 9/14 the church will be closed. There has been no change to the Mass schedule, only the locations have changed. Weekday and Saturday morning Masses will be held in the rectory basement. Saturday evening and all Sunday Masses will be held in Shepherds Hall.

We ask everyone to be patient as we all adjust to these temporary locations, the final results will make these inconveniences well worth it. When you get to Shepherds Hall, you will be able to see all of the new steel that was installed to support our new marble altar. Work will continue in Shepherds Hall during weekdays as the work begins upstairs in the church.

May God continue to watch over us during this project.

Fr. Jim

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8 Responses to HEAR YE, HEAR YE!

  1. Former Parishioner says:

    I do not mean anything bad here or want to take the energy out of the renovation that is happening in Holy Name but they should call it what it is, a renovation. A restoration means to restore. A new alter, new seating, no effort to restore the murals, (are the statues coming back) ….. does not sound like a restoration.
    If you restore something you bring back what was there. If you update or replace something, you renovate. I am an outsider at this time and maybe I do not have all the current information but as a past parishioner and from what I gather, it seems like a renovation, again. Please correct me and forgive me if I am wrong. It is nice that there is pastor and congregation moving the parish forward but a spade is a spade.

  2. richie k says:

    you must have a lot of time on your hands, or angry with the world or something, to worry about some wording’s,

  3. jimmyvac says:

    I hope they restore it close to the way it looked when I grew up. I am sure many of the religious artifacts are staying.

  4. Pat Fenton says:

    It’s certainly a good thing. Nobody misses the old church more than me. And I thought it was awful about what happened to the murals and all the old, fine wood that was part of the altar area. But you have to congratulate all the people who have taken the time and effort to try to bring some of that lost ambiance back. They are doing something important and unselfish for all of us, they are preserving a memory of a great place we still have to visit. Glasses up to them.

    And why not go further and have a night in Sheppard’s Hall of story telling about memories of the good times and bad, the weddings and wakes, the first holy communions, confirmations we all had there. Roll in a few barrels of beer and set the table with cold cut sandwiches wrapped in wax paper, and bowls of home made potatoes salad, like they use to do at the old “football weddings.” And line the hall with black and white pictures of the Holy Name we grew up in.

    And invite Pete Hamill who was an altar boy there to speak(I’m sure he would come if he’s free.) Also invite Chris Byrne (he owns Rocky Sullivan’s bar in Red Hook ) who is from the neighborhood. He’s a fine Irish musician , was an important part of the Irish band Black 47. He’s a friend, and I’ll gladly twist his arm to play for us. And have all the old timers who are still there, and the ones who are not to come tell their memories. I’d be more than glad to mc it. Please feel free to contact me.

  5. Pat Fenton says:

    Yeah, you’re right Steve. (That’s why you’re the coach.) And that would be the better time to go home again. I hope, at the reunion, they talk about what has been done to save that church which is a part of all of us.

  6. Nick Sisto says:

    Thanks for everyone’s feedback. I did want to address the comments from “Former Parishioner”. As a member of the Holy Name Buildings Committee, we spent a lot of time talking about the words restoration vs. renovation. It was important to the title of our campaign and project “The Restoration of Holy Name of Jesus Church, 135 Years – Fulfilling Our Vision”. We felt the word restoration fit more with the theme of the project in terms of renewing or more reestablishing. While we can’t go back to what Holy Name was before the 1980’s project, the vision is close in terms of the large center Altar with two side Altars, Marble and Tile floors, more cathedral style pews and hanging chandeliers. Most people don’t know this but the original Holy Name Altar was built with wood and plaster. The James Renwick Jr Altar is a 135 year old work of art cast in marble. We few it will enhance our worship space in so many way. While it’s not the original main Altar, we are hoping it and the other elements of our design helps people connect to the original Holy Name now and for years to come.

    If you haven’t seen the current design plan and pictures, I welcome you to visit the Holy Name website – http://www.holynamebrooklyn.com/ or visit us on Facebook at (https://www.facebook.com/HNJ.Restoration).

    Thanks again.

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