Our very own Pat Fenton is on the mic once again.


On September 17th Pat will be reading a short story he wrote that was recently published in the Galway Review, The Ghosts of Coney Island.

It’s a story of trying to go home again, and making it.  It’s Billy Coffey’s memories which connect Coney Island to his father’s Galway, Ireland.

It’s all part of a bill, which includes the fine writing, and musical talents of The Irish American Writers and Artists Salon.

Place: Cell Theatre, 338 W 23rd Street, in the Chelsea area of Manhattan.

Time: 7PM to 10PM

Admission is free!

Get out and support an old friend from 17th street.



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  1. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    Those evenings at The Cell are always get a broad mix of comedy, music, pathos, I bought a book at one of the Salons..of course the name escapes me right now..but it was extremely dark..and gripping.. I hope I get out of work on time to make it over there…

    • hoopscoach says:

      That is great Maureen…

      Wish I was in town for this night.

      Break a leg Pat!

      • Patrick Fenton says:

        Much thanks Steve for your kindness. (all the time.) Note to Maureen:sounds like you bought Seamus Scanlon’s book “As Close as You Will Ever Be.” Yeah, his stuff is dark, but it’s like reading Charles Bukowski, you can’t put it down. He sent me a note saying he would be at my reading. And Alphie McCourt, Frank and Malachy’s brother is going to try to make it. Alphie is a wonderful writer , and friend, wrote great book, “A Long Stone’s Throw.” So it should be a good night for this Windsor Terrace boy to go home again to Coney Island, on stage. And it’s always nice for me to see a face in the crowd from the “hill.” And to bring you back with me.

      • hoopscoach says:


        Any time bro!

        I’m going to look for the books you mentioned above.

  2. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    Yes! As Close As You Will Ever Be…it is gripping! I know Bob bought it also…lol, when he told his story about when he visited his mom in her later years, he prefaced it with “this might be the only story I can read here”..I thought he was kidding..but WOW! Those stories….Steve, I highly recommend it…

  3. Joan (Ferraro) Hanvey says:

    I wish Pat much luck this evening. Unfortunately, since we are over 3 hrs. away, my husband and I are unable to attend. It sounds like it will be a wonderful night and an experience we would have enjoyed. I loved his story. Is there any chance, he will appear on youtube? Any chance, future dates will be in the day time? Or is this a silly question??? Also, I ordered Alphie McCourt’s book as well as A Song for Mary by Dennis Smith.

    • hoopscoach says:


      You Tube is a great idea.

      I’m going to look into those books too.

      Good luck Pat!

    • Pat Fenton says:

      Thank you Joan(and Steve). Thank you both for your kind words. Both good books by the way. Hopefully, You Tube down the road. And who knows, maybe in the future try to put togther something on my play Stoopdreamer, a reading, in the basement of Holy Name. Could be a fund raiser for the church. And a Sunday afternoon would be a good time to do it. We’ll see. Should be a great night. Bob Rice and Maureen Rice from the neighbrohood are going to try to make it. Always great seeing faces in the crowd from Windsor Terrace.

  4. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    It was a GREAT night.. I got there a little late, so I missed some..but, to paraphrase Spencer Tracy, what I saw was “cherce” I had a chance to hear T.J. English read his work from the opening day of the Whitey Bulger trial, I saw two beautiful girls meld Irish Step-dancing with modern dance (Mod-Erin dancing). I heard a man play a great song on the piano, then accompany his cousin while she read from one of her works, a powerful piece, which she ended by singing the most glorious song (didn’t catch their names) I got to meet Malcahy McCourt, whose 82nd birthday was coming up, so they had a cake for him..and he read a piece called “Sober” which had been published in a magazine.. He had the actual page which he read from, I asked him afterward if I could access it online, he reached into his inside pocket and gave it to me…and, of course, hearing Pat read his Ghosts of Coney Island was awesome.. I know we tend to be biased towards our friends, but, objectively, he got the most enthusiastic audience reaction at the end, also, lots of laughter throughout the glad I got over there…and, btw, if you google Malachy McCourt will get to the article he read, it is a beautiful piece,

    • hoopscoach says:

      Thanks so much Maureen…

      Googling now!

      • Pat Fenton says:

        Thanks Maureen for your kind words. What a night. Glad to see a friend like you in the crowd. (and of course Bob Rice who is like a brother to me.) A side note to you, went up to the city last night to see Brendan at the Chelsea, a moving play about the writer Brendan Behan(one of my favorite writers). Yeah,it’s sad,about the self destruction of great talent from drinking, but it also has some wonderful Irish humor in it. And after seeing it, I thought he would have fit right in in many of the bars I drank in in Windsor Terrace.

        The Irish American writers and Artists had a special night last night for members and T. J. English and Malachy McCourt were there. You would like it . It’s a limited run, but I’ll try tto get you info on discounted tickets for it.

        Thanks for the use of the hall, Steve,

      • hoopscoach says:


        It’s always Open Mic night for you!

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