I’m turning into a big movie-guy.

I’ve always enjoyed movies and I mean how can you not when your wife of twenty years is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to film.

Each night I find myself eagerly searching for a new movie to watch.  Some I have seen before, and some, well it’s the first time.

Saturday night I was browsing Netflix and came across a film titled, “White Irish Drinkers.” I read the description and thought I’d give it a shot.

White Irish Drinkers

John Gray is the writer, producer and director of the movie about an Irish family from Bay Ridge.

I will not go into detail but let me say, if you read Container Diaries, I know you will love this film.

I mentioned the movie to my wife, she looked it up and corrected me when I told her their weren’t any “name” actors.  She started rattling off everyone and their previous work.  Told ya, she’s an encyclopedia.

Here’s a short clip, have a look.

After extensive research on the film I found out Mr. Gray is from Bay Ridge and attended Bishop Ford.

How cool is that?

Do yourself a favor and see this film.

You will see a lot of similarities of what we went through growing up in the neighborhood.  Oops, I just gave you a hint.

Click here for the link to the movie’s website to learn more.



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  1. tumpy says:

    Great Movie

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