I came across this story via The Brooklyn Paper.

A teenager was stabbed early Friday morning across the street from Prospect Park.

The 19-year-old boy was knifed multiple times in the back and stomach on 15th Street near Bartel Pritchard Square, at the southwest corner of Prospect Park, after a rowdy argument involving 20 youths, according to cops and witnesses.

From high up above, Tom Prendergast is out on his deck and was able to capture a few minutes on video.

By the way, after reading the article, scroll down to the comments section; some interesting stuff.



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22 Responses to LATE NIGHT TEENS

  1. John Langton says:

    I remember a Scott Prendergast who lived in that building.

    • hoopscoach says:


      That is some view the guy has.

      Jimmy Rallis also lives in that building.

      I was always intrigued with that place.

      Awesome view of the park.

      Hope all is well


      • John Langton says:

        I was up in the Prendergast’s apartment when I was a kid, I’m guessing it stayed in the family? Very cool view!

  2. tony fasano says:

    What a great view of the park. Oh and did someone get stabbed multiple times? LOL

  3. Jack Kelly says:

    Just curious…watching the video…4 minutes of video but I’m sure it was going on before the video started but I noticed no cops nor sirens. There always cops in and around the park at night and I’m sure someone called 911. I was surprised i didn’t hear siren at the end of the clip.

  4. splash says:

    Am I the only one thinking about grabbing some water balloons.

  5. tony fasano says:


  6. Jim Rallis says:

    Sadly NYPD was there during this, you will see them at the 2:50 mark of the video the bright light you see in the Parking Lot in the middle of the screen is an NYPD Marked patrol car. They took no action while they were sitting there except to say disperse and were sitting there while the stabbing is taking place across the circle after you see the group run across the circle. At about 3:10 on the video you see a male running back to the Citadel. He is the suspected stabber. After the video is shut off 6 of these individuals came back to the lobby of the Citadel and after a crime scene was set up on the other side of the circle NYPD was called and told suspects are at The Citadel Lobby and should be questioned and no one from NYPD came to the Citadel until 9am This event occurred at about 145 am. The reason the NYPD came to the lobby at 9am was I walked to the circle where the crime scene was being taken down at 9 am and asked the detectives why no NYPD had come to the Citadel lobby which was full of blood as were the two doors to the entrance to the building. He said what do you mean? I said detective if you look down at your feet we can follow these drops of blood all the way to my lobby. HE WAS VERY EMBARRASSED and said i do not know what to say except i just relieved the night detectives. This was a horrible response by the NYPD!!! All around!!! The 78 Pct should be completely embarrassed and this is the ONLY press this event got. The detectives watched this video and were embarrassed again that this patrol car was sitting there during this whole event. Very Sad all around!! You just cannot make this stuff up!!

  7. Tumpy(Billy Shaw) says:

    I happen to work with the uncle of the guy who got stabbed.His mother is a sergant with the nypd and lives on staten island.He was stabbed 7 times and is still in critical condition Im sure his mother will be very upset after hearing that there was a patrol car right there who did nothing to stop this Shame on these officers.

    • hoopscoach says:


      My only question to the cops sitting in the car; when you saw the group arguing in the street, why not drive over there and break it up? We saw four minutes of video!

      They want to fix the problem? Get in the action…

  8. Jack Kelly says:

    I am totally shocked by what I just read. This is not typical of the NYPD. I hope and pray the kid who was stabbed is okay and I hope his mom pays a visit to those who didn’t do there job.

  9. Maureen Rice says:

    what is funny about anybody being stabbed??

    • hoopscoach says:


      It’s not funny that a kid got stabbed.

      Better topic is where are the people who are supposed to protect and serve?

      Look, I’m not bashing the police here but watch the video; there’s a squad car sitting 30 yards away.

  10. Maureen Rice says:

    I have family in the NYPD..but I don’t think it is cop-bashing to point out when someone is not doing their is instances like this that are publicized, and lead people to judge the whole department.. I sincerely hope they are disicplined for their inaction…

  11. jimmyvac says:

    No doubt… vast majority of cops do a great job but when you see the beginning of a heated situation, they should have intervened and this could have been avoided…

  12. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    All they would have had to do is roll towards the crowd with lights and sirens to disperse the crowd..and then, kept a vigilant eye…

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