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A couple of years ago I e-mailed Denis Hamill.  I wanted to be a writer and I figured I needed to reach out to someone that knows the craft.  I asked Denis for some advice.  The former seventh avenue resident took the time to send me a long response.  I still have the e-mail to this day and read it often.

Denis mentioned that I needed to read, and read a lot.  To be honest, as a kid I hated to read…books that is.

DH told me try different books and different authors; both good and bad.

Dennis Hamill

One writer in particular he mentioned, a good one that is was Elmore Leonard.  On Tuesday, Mr. Leonard passed away.  He was 87.

I took Denis’ advice and went out to read all of Leonard’s work.  I’m currently reading ‘Get Shorty‘.

RIP Elmore Leonard.