If you went to Holy Name, who was your favorite teacher?

My fifth grade teacher Mr. Mussa was my favorite but in seventh grade, Miss Monzillo checks in not too far behind Mussa.





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25 Responses to FAVORITE TEACHER

  1. Jose says:

    Ive seen Ms Monzillo she lives in here in Jersey.She looks great hasnt aged a bit

  2. John Langton says:

    Mr. Jennings, 6th grade. After suffering through 5th grade with Mr. Gillan, the laid-back Mr. Jennings was a welcome relief. He started the bowling league that year (’71) and my one and only field trip during my time at Holy Name took place that year (Museum of Natural History). And I will never forget him for playing Black Sabbath in Music class! Very cool!

  3. Ellen Garland says:

    It is a tie for me – Sister Mary Leonella (1st grade) and Sister Alta Maria (6th grade). A lot of learning and laughs went on in that rectory basement classroom with Sister Alta!!!!

  4. tony fasano says:

    Brother Romanus. He was the only one that didn’t kick my ass. LOL
    Like the new format by the way.

  5. Jose,

    It’s John Karvounis what’s up next time you see her play paparazzi and snap a photo and share it with the rest of us…Thanks! Btw she was and still is stunning.

  6. jim casey says:

    Also a tie
    Sister Ann Pierre in 1st grade
    Sister Virginia Maria 2nd grade
    3rd–Bro Ronald-8th grade

  7. Joe Pisculli says:

    I think for me it was Brother Vincent in the 7th grade. He got me interested in Track and ran fro Grady in HS and got a few Scholarship offers but I choose to go into the Army and made a career of it.

  8. jimmyvac says:

    My favorite was Mr. McNally. He was very kind to me after my mom passed and I always liked history and he made it interesting. I also liked the original bobble head doll, Mr. Jennings… fun guy , great teacher. I liked Volastro a little but enjoyed hanging with him on the Staten Island Ferry and train. He was yelling at me to call him Phil… It was amazing looking back how they were only 10-12 years older than us…

    • hoopscoach says:


      Did Mr. McNally talk sports with you guys during the day?

      Mussa always discussed the previous nights action. He loved the Yankees.

  9. Mary Anne (Brick) Monaco says:

    When my dad died Mr. Mussa took and interest in Tommy that my mom really appriciated. She stayed in touch with him through the years and always got a Christmas card. Sister Leonella was my favorite but Mr. Mussa made a great impression!

    • hoopscoach says:

      Mary Anne,

      Mussa had that knack and the gift with us young boys. There were a few others in the neighborhood whom he helped too.

  10. jimmyvac says:

    Mary Anne,
    Mr. Mc Nally did the same for me… very gentle and kind to me after my mom died. Steven, we talked sports from time to time in class.. if I ran into him after school, we definitely would. Mussa was after my group but all the younger kids like my sister liked the guy. I met him a few times and he was a nice guy.

    • hoopscoach says:

      Mussa knew baseball real well. He coached too. Also was a hockey and football guy. I recall him running the Intramural football league.

  11. DON CUSH says:

    And now we find out Mussa was a child molester. My God!!

    • When did Mussa start working there? When Don Cush and I were there, 5th grade was Volastro and Gillen; 6th was Jennings and Castaldo (or was it the other way around, 6th and 5th?) 7th and 8th had Bro. Vincent, Mr. McNally, Gillen, Volastro. (Now that I think of it, wasn’t McNally in 6th also? Hm….)

      I know Bro. Vincent was a sadistic person, and Gillen was the worst thing ever to happen to Holy Name. He was a vicious, violent prick, whose biography entirely skips over having taught at Holy Name. Sort of like the kind of resume that Hitler would have. “Oh, ze war? Zat never vas!”

      The best teachers I had there — not just the kindest, but the ones who taught me stuff I remember — were Mr. McNally and Mrs. Lynch. Does anyone know if McNally is still around? I’d love to drop him a line and let him know that I think of him often as I teach my 2nd graders.

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