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My mother loved music.

We had a stereo in the living room, a radio in the bathroom and it seemed like we had music rockin’ in every other room in our five-room, railroad apartment on Ninth Avenue.  Our bathroom was right next to the living room.  When we would take a shower we would take the left speaker and pull it into the bathroom and listen to the music while we showered.

Mom listened to all genres and it made a huge impression on this young boy.

Sly and the Family Stone

Mom’s collection of music stretched from Rock-n-Roll to Soul Funk; she had a ton of albums, 45’s, cassettes and of course 8-Tracks.  The Rolling Stones, Zeppelin, Frankie Vali, Boston, Beach Boys, CCR, Tina Turner, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Tom Jones…

One group of musicians I recall is Sly and the Family Stone.

Yesterday while listening to some old school music I came across a few of Sly’s songs on i-tunes (If mom was still alive today I wonder how she would handle  downloading songs onto a phone and/or a computer?)

One album mom owned, and which I recall to this day was the Family Stone’s “Greatest Hits.”

We wore that black, piece of vinyl out by playing it over and over every day.

Songs like Stand, Everyday People, Family Affair, Dance to the Music and many more got my lazy ass up off the couch dancing in front of the mirror.

Listening to music from back in the day always takes me back, back into time.