I would like to send warm birthday wishes to a good friend for many years, Jimmy Routhier.

Jimmy grew up on tenth avenue between 16th street and Windsor Place.

There were a lot of guys in the neighborhood who were good people; no one was better than Jimmy.


(John Corrar, Jimmy and me at HN Foundation Dinner)

Jimmy Rauthier

(Jimmy at the free-throw line)

Enjoy the day and we’ll see each other soon my friend…



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4 Responses to HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  1. Glenn Thomas says:

    Happy Birthday Jim! Have a great day today and always with many more in the years to come! All the best!

  2. Glenn Thomas says:

    I see Richie Deere and Timmy Kemp in the backgound, Must have been a HN Summer League Playoff game between Team Deere and Team McBear’s. The yard has a lot of spectators on the sidelines some with coats so it must have been a late chilly August night! I’m guessing 1979 here.

  3. hoopscoach says:

    I think that is Ginda’s sister in background and possibly Michael Larkin?

  4. richie k says:

    happy bd Jimmy

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