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Yeah yeah I know, they don’t dress or talk like you.

So what!


They have a college undergrad degree and some have their Masters from fine institutions of higher learning.

Some have Ph.d’s, a Law degree or a Business degree.

They make a lot of money and own a Brownstone.  They can afford a three bedroom apartment across the street from Prospect Park.

So what!

They drink organic milk.  They eat healthy.  They ride their bikes around the park.  They bring their expensive baby stroller outside Connecticut muffin and chat away.

So what!

They are from Ohio and Michigan, and don’t have a Brooklyn accent.

So what!

They sip tea, own i-phones, i-pads and wear pork pie hats.  They own restaurants, coffee shops and used book stores.

So what!

They are writers, college professors, artists, doctors, attorneys, Baristas, musicians…

Again, so what!

These folks are proud to live in Brooklyn; they are proud to call it their home.

You call them “hipsters.”

They buy local and don’t complain about prices.  They are highly intelligent and follow sports.

They are alumni of Ivy League schools, Big Ten schools and Big Twelve schools.  They attended schools like Williams, Kenyon College, and Cooper Union.

So what!

Stop being ignorant. Start a conversation with the next person you see that you think is a “yuppie.”  That’s a funny word, “yuppie.”

It stands for Young Urban Professional.

I applaud these residents who have moved into the neighborhood.

They enrich it.

They cherish it.

They value it.

I heard one idiot on-line say, “They use their trust funds their parents set up for them.

These folks work hard.  They are smart with their money.  Trust funds or not, who cares?

I have a friend out here in Michigan, no make that two friends that have children who have moved to New York; they are good people, the kids rave about Brooklyn.

When I come back to the neighborhood, yeah I don’t recognize anyone on the avenue; most have moved out, some have passed. But I make it a point to say hi to these people I see in Terrace Bagels and walking the avenue.  When I visit in November I’m going to make it a point to meet them and get to know them and see how things are going.

They hang out in The Double Windsor, so what!



Holy Name of Jesus Class of 1978