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  1. Don Cush says:

    You had to hit Key food on a fly

  2. jimmyvac says:

    Donny Rice got a hold of some Whammo Superballs and we broke two stickball bats playing pitch it in. We covered the bat in tape and we were hitting rockets…. over the buildings and all.. I swung and hit the ball hard but did not know where it went.. I did not see Donny right away but then looked again and he was lying on the clutching his chest. I smoked it right above his heart… a circular blood red bruise that lasted about a month… thus, the end of the great superball experiment !!

  3. Glenn Thomas says:

    Frankie “The Ace” Coles goes into this Hall of Fame on the first ballot! No question! He did it without HGH and PED’s just a few beers! LOL

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